Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt

"Woman of Faith and Fortitude"

... you have ever wondered what happened to Grandma Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt after she arrived in the Northern Utah, Look No Further!  Now, you can read the rest of Sarah's story!  You have it right here at your fingertips!  Her handwritten journal got her as far as Tooele, but she lived another 28 years!

Sarah Sturtevant Leavitt wrote her autobiography, and it is an amazing story, one all of her posterity needs to read!  It ended shortly after she arrived in the Salt Lake Valley.  But she lived for 28 more years, and that is a long time!  As would I read her story, I would wonder:


  1. What happened to Sarah after she got to the Salt Lake Valley?

  2. How did she end up in Southern Utah?

  3. Why is she buried in Gunlock, yet her memorial is in Santa Clara?

  4. How do I fit into grandma Sarah's family?


It is hoped that this book will help you to see,

 how your family fits into Grandma Sarah's family tree!


As I thought upon Grandma's autobiography my curiosity got the better of me --- I had to know more!  So I did some research and found the rest of her story!  I was so happy to be able to share what I found with my family.  Then I realized there were probably others who would want to know,  "The Rest of Sarah's Story," too!  When I heard that busts of each of the children were being added to the monument in Santa Clara, I realized I had to put it into a book!  And the result is better then I could have ever anticipated!


Thank You So Much!